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Naval History

Photographic History Of The U.S. Navy

 NavSource Online: Submarine Photo Archive

NavSource Online: Submarine Photo Archive

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Conventionally Powered / Diesel Submarines
E Class
SS-24 E-1 ex Skipjack
SS-25 E-2 ex Sturgeon
F Class
SS-20 F-1 ex Carp
SS-21 F-2 ex Barracuda
SS-22 F-3 ex Pickerel
SS-23 F-4 ex Skate
G Class
SS-31 G-3 ex Turbot
H-1 Class
SS-28 H-1 ex Seawolf
SS-29 H-2 ex Nautilus
SS-30 H-3 ex Garfish
K Class
SS-32 K-1 ex Haddock
SS-33 K-2 ex Cachalot
SS-34 K-3 ex Orca
SS-35 K-4 ex Walrus
SS-36 K-5
SS-37 K-6
SS-38 K-7
SS-39 K-8
L Class
SS-40 L-1
SS-41 L-2
SS-42 L-3
SS-43 L-4
SS-44 L-5
SS-45 L-6
SS-46 L-7
SS-48 L-8
SS-49 L-9
SS-50 L-10
SS-51 L-11
M Class
SS-47 M-1 to SS
N Class
SS-53 N-1
SS-54 N-2
SS-55 N-3
SS-56 N-4
SS-57 N-5
SS-58 N-6
SS-59 N-7
O Class
SS-62 O-1
SS-63 O-2
SS-64 O-3
SS-65 O-4
SS-66 O-5
SS-67 O-6
SS-68 O-7
SS-69 O-8
SS-70 O-9
SS-71 O-10
SS-72 O-11
SS-73 O-12
SS-74 O-13
SS-75 O-14
SS-76 O-15
SS-77 O-16
R Class
SS-78 R-1
SS-79 R-2
SS-80 R-3
SS-81 R-4
SS-82 R-5
SS-83 R-6
SS-84 R-7
SS-85 R-8
SS 86 R-9
SS-87 R-10
SS-88 R-11
SS-89 R-12
SS-90 R-13
SS-91 R-14
SS-92 R-15
SS-93 R-16
SS-94 R-17
SS-95 R-18
SS-96 R-19
SS-97 R-20
SS-98 R-21
SS-99 R-22
SS-100 R-23
SS-101 R-24
SS-102 R-25
SS-103 R-26
SS-104 R-27
H-4 Class
SS-147 H-4
SS-148 H-5
SS-149 H-6
SS-150 H-7
SS-151 H-8
SS-152 H-9
S Class
SS-105 S-1
SS-106 S-2
SS-107 S-3
SS-108 [Cage / Neff] Never built
SS-109 S-4
SS-110 S-5
SS-111 S-6
SS-112 S-7
SS-113 S-8
SS-114 S-9
SS-115 S-10
SS-116 S-11
SS-117 S-12
SS-118 S-13
SS-119 S-14
SS-120 S-15
SS-121 S-16
SS-122 S-17
SS-123 S-18
SS-124 S-19
SS-125 S-20
SS-126 S-21
SS-127 S-22
SS-128 S-23
SS-129 S-24
SS-130 S-25
SS-131 S-26
SS-132 S-27
SS-133 S-28
SS-134 S-29
SS-135 S-30
SS-136 S-31
SS-137 S-32
SS-138 S-33
SS-139 S-34
SS-140 S-35
SS-141 S-36
SS-142 S-37
SS-143 S-38
SS-144 S-39
SS-145 S-40
SS-146 S-41
SS-153 S-42
SS-154 S-43
SS-155 S-44
SS-156 S-45
SS-157 S-46
SS-158 S-47
SS-159 S-48
SS-160 S-49
SS-161 S-50
SS-162 S-51

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