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Minesweeper, Ocean (MSO)
British Minesweepers (BAM)


As a result of the Korean war experience the United States undertook the construction of a new series of minesweepers on a large scale. During the decade of the 1950s sixty-five new minesweepers were built. These new minesweepers were designated Minesweeper, Ocean (MSO). They consisted of three classes of ships: Agile/Aggressive, Hull numbers 421 to 507; Acme, hull numbers 508 to 518; and Ability, hull numbers 519 to 522. In contrast to the steel-hulled minesweepers of World War II, designated AM later MSF and still later, MSO. These new minesweepers were smaller and built primarily of wood , with bronze and stainless (non-magnetic) steel fittings to minimize their magnetic signature. All of the 1950 era MSOs had UQS-1 mine-locating sonar, later updated with SQQ-14 sonar. MSOs were capable of sweeping for moored contact mines as well as bottom magnetic and acoustic mines.
British Minesweepers

Thirty-two vessels of the Auk Class were ordered by the U.S. Navy for transfer to Great Britain under Lend Lease and were designated BAM-1 to 32. Originally these ships did not have Navy names or hull numbers, but 12 of these vessels were ordered retained for service in the U.S. Navy and were assigned Navy names and hull numbers. Designed for the same mission as their U.S. Navy counterparts, only 20 of this type were actually transferred. Of these, three were sunk in action and 17 returned after the war.
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Minesweeper Photo Index (AM / MSF / MSO / BAM)
Lapwing Class
(AM-1 to AM-54)
AM-1 Lapwing Reclassified AVP-1
AM-2 Owl Reclassified AT-137
AM-3 Robin Reclassified AT-140
AM-4 Swallow
AM-5 Tanager
AM-6 Cardinal
AM-7 Oriole Reclassified AT-136
AM-8 Curlew
AM-9 Finch
AM-10 Heron Reclassified AVP-2
Minesweeper No 11 Condor
Minesweeper No. 12 Plover
Construction canceled 4 December 1918
AM-13 Turkey Reclassified AT-143
AM-14 Woodcock Reclassified AT-145
AM-15 Quail
AM-16 Partridge Reclassified AT-138
AM-17 Eider Reclassified YNG-20
AM-18 Thrush Reclassified AVP-3
AM-19 Avocet Reclassified AVP-4
AM-20 Bobolink Reclassified AT-131
AM-21 Lark Reclassified AT-168
AM-22 Widgeon Reclassified ASR-1
AM-23 Teal Reclassified AVP-5
AM-24 Brant Reclassified AT-132
AM-25 Kingfisher Reclassified AT-135
AM-26 Rail Reclassified AT-139
AM-27 Pelican Reclassified AVP-6
AM-28 Falcon Reclassified ASR-2
AM-29 Osprey Renamed/Reclassified Crusader (ARS-2)
AM-30 Seagull Reclassified AT-141
AM-31 Tern Reclassified AT-142
AM-32 Flamingo Reclassified ARS-1
AM-33 Penguin
AM-34 Swan Reclassified AVP-7
AM-35 Whippoorwill Reclassified AT-169
AM-36 Bittern
AM-37 Sanderling
AM-38 Auk Renamed/Reclassified Discoverer (ARS-3)
AM-39 Chewink Reclassified ASR-3
AM-40 Cormorant Reclassified AT-133
AM-41 Gannet Reclassified AVP-8
Minesweeper No.42 Goshawk
Construction canceled 4 December 1918
AM-43 Grebe Reclassified AT-134
AM-44 Mallard Reclassified ASR-4
AM-45 Ortolan Reclassified ASR-5
AM-46 Peacock
AM-47 Pigeon Reclassified ASR-6
AM-48 Redwing Reclassified ARS-4
Minesweeper No. 49 Raven
Minesweeper No. 50 Shrike
Construction canceled 4 December 1918
AM-51 Sandpiper Reclassified AVP-9
AM-52 Vireo Reclassified AT-144
AM-53 Warbler Reclassified ARS-11
AM-54 Willet Reclassified ARS-12
Raven Class
(AM-55 & AM-56)
AM / MSF-55 Raven
AM-56 Osprey
Auk Class
(AM-57 to AM-65)
AM / MSF-57 Auk
AM / MSF-58 Broadbill
AM / MSF-59 Chickadee
AM / MSF-60 Nuthatch
AM / MSF-61 Pheasant
AM-62 Sheldrake Reclassified AGS-19
AM-63 Skylark
AM / MSF-64 Starling
AM-65 Swallow
Bullfinch Class
(AM-66 & AM-67)
AM-66 Bullfinch
AM-67 Cardinal
Catbird Class
(AM-68 & AM-69)
AM-68 Catbird Reclassified IX-183
AM-69 Curlew Reclassified IX-170
Flicker Class
AM-70 Flicker Reclassified IX-165
Albatross Class
(AM-71 & AM-72)
AM-71 Albatross Reclassified IX-171
AM-72 Bluebird Reclassified IX-172
Grackle Class
AM-73 Grackle
Gull Class
AM-74 Gull
Kite Class
(AM-75 & AM-76)
AM-75 Kite
AM-76 Linnet Reclassified as IX-166
Goldfinch Class
AM-77 Goldfinch
Goldcrest Class
AM-78 Goldcrest Reclassified/Renamed Agate (PYc 4)
Goshawk Class
AM-79 Goshawk ex-AMc-4 Reclassified IX-195
Goldcrest Class
(AM-80) & (AM-81)
AM-80 Goldcrest
AM-81 Chaffinch
Adroit Class
(AM-82 to AM-99)
AM-82 Adroit Reclassified PC-1586
AM-83 Advent Reclassified PC-1587
AM-84 Annoy Reclassified PC-1588
AM-85 Conflict Reclassified PC-1589
AM-86 Constant Reclassified PC-1590
AM-87 Daring Reclassified PC-1591
AM-88 Dash Reclassified PC-1592
AM-89 Despite Reclassified PC-1593
AM-90 Direct Reclassified PC-1594
AM-91 Dynamic Reclassified PC-1595
AM-92 Effective Reclassified PC-1596
AM-93 Engage Reclassified PC-1597
AM-94 Excel Reclassified PC-1598
AM-95 Exploit Reclassified PC-1599
AM-96 Fidelity Reclassified PC-1600
AM-97 Fierce Reclassified PC-1601
AM-98 Firm Reclassified PC-1602
AM-99 Force Reclassified PC-1603
Auk Class Continued
(AM-100 to AM-131)
AM / MSF-100 Heed
AM / MSF-101 Herald
AM / MSF-102 Motive
AM / MSF-103 Oracle
AM / MSF-104 Pilot
AM / MSF-105 Pioneer
AM-106 Portent
AM-107 Prevail Reclassified AGS-20
AM-108 Pursuit Reclassified AGS-17
AM-109 Requisite Reclassified AGS-18
AM / MSF-110 Revenge
AM / MSF-111 Sage
AM / MSF-112 Seer Reclassified MMC-5
AM-113 Sentinel
AM / MSF-114 Staff
AM-115 Skill
AM / MSF-116 Speed
AM / MSF-117 Strive Reclassified MMC-1
AM / MSF-118 Steady
AM / MSF-119 Sustain Reclassified MMC-2
AM / MSF-120 Sway
AM-121 Swerve
AM-122 Swift
AM-123 Symbol
AM-124 Threat
AM-125 Tide
AM / MSF-126 Token
AM / MSF-127 Tumult
AM / MSF-128 Velocity
AM-129 Vital to Great Britain as HMS Strenuous (J 338)
AM-130 Usage to Great Britain as HMS Tourmaline (J 339)
AM / MSF-131 Zeal
Eagle Class
AM-132 Eagle Reclassified/Renamed Captor (PYc-40)
Hawk Class
(AM-133 to AM-135)
AM-133 Hawk
AM-134 Ibis
AM-135 Merganser
Admirable Class
(AM-136 to AM-313)
AM / MSF-136 Admirable ex-AMc-113
AM / MSF-137 Adopt ex-AMc-114
AM / MSF-138 Advocate ex-AMc-115
AM / MSF-139 Agent ex-AMc-116
AM / MSF-140 Alarm ex-AMc-117
AM / MSF-141 Alchemy ex-AMc-118
AM / MSF-142 Apex ex-AMc-119
AM / MSF-143 Arcade ex-AMc-120
AM / MSF-144 Arch ex-AMc-121
AM / MSF-145 Armada ex-AMc-122
AM / MSF-146 Aspire ex-AMc-123
AM / MSF-147 Assail ex-AMc-124
AM / MSF-148 Astute ex-AMc-125
AM / MSF-149 Augury ex-AMc-126
AM / MSF-150 Barrier ex-AMc-127
AM / MSF-151 Bombard ex-AMc-128
AM / MSF-152 Bond ex-AMc-129
AM-153 Buoyant ex-AMc-130
AM / MSF-154 Candid ex-AMc-131
AM / MSF-155 Capable ex-AMc-132
AM / MSF-156 Captivate ex-AMc-133
AM / MSF-157 Caravan ex-AMc-134
AM / MSF-158 Caution ex-AMc-135
AM / MSF-159 Change ex-AMc-136
AM / MSF-160 Clamour ex-AMc-137
AM / MSF-161 Climax ex-AMc-138
AM / MSF-162 Compel ex-AMc-139
AM / MSF-163 Concise ex-AMc-140
AM / MSF-164 Control ex-AMc-141
AM / MSF-165 Counsel ex-AMc-142
AM-166 to AM-208
Construction canceled 9 April 1942
AM-209 to AM-213
Construction canceled 10 April 1942
AM / MSF-214 Crag
AM / MSF-215 Cruise
AM / MSF-216 Deft
AM-217 Delegate
AM / MSF-218 Density
AM / MSF-219 Design
AM / MSF-220 Device
AM / MSF-221 Diploma
AM / MSF-222 Disdain
AM / MSF-223 Dour
AM / MSF-224 Eager
AM-225 Elusive
AM-226 Embattle
AM-227 Embroil
AM-228 Enhance
AM-229 Equity
AM-230 Esteem
AM-231 Event

Construction canceled 6 June 1944
AM / MSF-232 Execute ex-PCE-905
AM / MSF-233 Facility ex-PCE-906
AM / MSF-234 Fancy
AM-235 Fixity ex-PCE-908
AM-236 Flame ex-PCE-909
AM-237 Fortify ex-PCE-910
Construction canceled 6 June 1944
AM / MSF-238 Garland
AM / MSF-239 Gayety
AM / MSF-240 Hazard
AM / MSF-241 Hilarity
AM / MSF-242 Inaugural
AM-243 Illusive
AM-244 Imbue
AM-245 Impervious
Construction canceled 6 June 1944
AM-246 Implicit
AM-247 Improve
AM-248 Incessant
AM / MSF-249 Incredible
AM-250 Indicative
AM-251 Inflict
AM / MSF-252 Instill
AM / MSF-253 Intrigue
AM / MSF-254 Invade
AM / MSF-255 Jubilant
AM / MSF-256 Knave
AM-257 Lance
AM-258 Logic
AM-259 Lucid
AM-260 Magnet
AM / MSF-261 Mainstay
AM / MSF-262 Marvel
AM-263 Measure
AM / MSF-264 Method
AM / MSF-265 Mirth
AM-266 Nimble
AM-267 Notable
AM / MSF-268 Nucleus
AM / MSF-269 Opponent
AM-270 Palisade
AM / MSF-271 Penetrate
AM-272 Peril
AM-273 Phantom
AM-274 Pinnacle
AM-275 Pirate
AM-276 Pivot
AM-277 Pledge
AM-278 Project
AM-279 Prime
AM / MSF-280 Prowess Reclassified IX-305
AM-281 Quest
AM / MSF-282 Rampart
AM / MSF-283 Ransom
AM / MSF-284 Rebel
AM / MSF-285 Recruit
AM-286 Reform
AM-287 Refresh
AM / MSF-288 Reign
AM / MSF-289 Report
AM-290 Reproof
AM-291 Risk
AM-292 Rival
AM-293 Sagacity
Construction canceled 6 June 1944
AM-294 Salute
AM-295 Saunter
AM-296 Scout
AM / MSF-297 Scrimmage
AM / MSF-298 Scuffle
AM / MSF-299 Sentry
AM / MSF-300 Serene